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Adding Skirt to Crankbait

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I think of Bass Jigs. Those with the weighted head and the skirt. If you look at any jig head, it'll have a hook or catch right under the head or the hook eye which acts as a catch. Then ya' simply use a tiny rubberband or maybe thread + super glue to secure the skirt to it.


If you have a flat hook with no catch, it would probably be easiest to add that ledge, hook, or "catch" part. You could do that fairly easily with wire. Twist a wire super tight with a hook in the middle then cut the two ends giving you two arms stick out. Another way to add the catch part may be to use the classic pinch style lead weights you'd use on a line. Then work it around the hook trying to remove as much as possible to not affect the action of the lure too much. Maybe even solder a blob a there?

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I have done a couple of things on that particular blank.

For a fuller skirt, attach a size 2 split ring to the lure tail hanger; attach a size 3 split ring to the size 2 ring;  put the the skirt on the size 2 ring with some needle nose pliers (slide it right past the size 3 ring); after the skirt is on, hold the bait head down so the skirt falls to the nose and put your hook on the size 3 ring. The skirt sits on the size 2 ring up against the lure body and is kept on by the larger size 3 ring.

For thinner skirts, I just run a tab (or a tab and half tab) of skirt material through a treble hook eye; run the material half way through and fold down; slide a small piece of shrink tubing over and just past the hook eye; shrink the tubing with a  heat gun; there will be enough room on the hook eye to attach it with a split ring. Probably best to use marine shrink tubing. But. I have not had any breakage on regular shrink tubing yet.

The second method gives the skirt a lot of action as it swings freely with the hook. It does give a smaller profile than the first method as the second method is limited to the number of strands you can get through the treble hook eye.

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