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Laminate stick bait mold hack

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I use the BTS 5" stick bait molds and I wanted a way to do laminates while waiting for an actual laminate block or attempting dual injector w/ blend block.

I needed a more precise way to shoot laminates without trusting my poor hand pouring skills.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist sometimes and I just could not get the results I liked.

Enter Reynold's Pitmaster's Choice heavy duty foil...

I folded and creased the foil to cover one side of the mold and entrance hole and attempted my first laminate shot.

The shot came out great!  The idea worked.  I removed the foil sections, closed up the mold and shot the second color.

DISCO!  We're in business.  Now, I can shoot some laminates while waiting for my laminate block.

Below are some I've done.  The first is one I call Watermelon Slice and the other is the old reliable Red Shad.

Btw, that red/pearl color is a pain.


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2 hours ago, Driftwood said:

You can also use aluminum flashing. Pick up some from lowes or home depot cheap.

It works well.  I have made several from it.

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