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Mesh for painting

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Where are some places that supply fabric mesh to use as scales. I’ve been using some recently but I do not like it, I have tried Walmart, hobby lobby, Michaels, and local sewing shops. All the mesh they have the holes are either way too large or way too small, absolutely nothing in between. When I look online I have no way of telling how no the holes are. It seems all the big name manufacturers have the right size mesh but I cannot find it anywhere.

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I have about 8  or 10 different types of materials and sized meshes for painting. I've always done better buying in person than online.  I found them at all the places you mentioned, had the best luck at a large fabric store,  just have to keep looking until you find what you want. I think LPO carries two standard sizes, I've found both at fabric stores for a quarter of the price. I have found very, very small mesh for a Roman made repaint at Walmart, they also had several other different sizes as well. I have found other materials that worked such as- mesh bags that garlic or oranges come in, bath luffa or i've even used the mesh bag my boat cover came in, it had real big holes.

  I know this isn't the answer you're looking for but  you just have to keep looking until you find that specific size. I have a large container of meshes to choose from now. Hope you find what you're looking for!

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Lureparts online makes a plastic fish scale netting. Also, at craft stores, most of them have a wire mesh, although it is metal and can sometimes scratch unprotected paint. I like to use the bathroom scrubbers, simply cutout center staple and unravel. It stretches, so you can adjust scale sizes. 

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