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E-Tex ...3 types which do you use

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pro-v    0

Hi everyone

Im trying to get on the E-tex program and I bought the Envirotx Light in the 32 oz. size ..

I also built a drying box using my Weber grill rotiserie motor, my wifes real happy about this.....NOT!!!

Everything worked great..I liked how the E-tex mixed and went on..and it is drying well...

Later that night I checked out the E-tex web site ( to see what other products they had, and to my suprise I found out there were three types of E-tex to choose from....

Thats a bummer because I've got a feeling the one I used on 4 cranks last night is not the right one... Waterproof ??

Which type do you guys use ??? E-tex light.....E-tex Crystal Sheen...or E-Tex Ultra-Glow....

If anyone uses the E-Tex Light do you find it holds up ok????

Thanks Craig

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Lure--Prof    11

You're in good shape there Craig, with E-tex Lite. Only if you drive a stake through your lure's heart will it no longer be waterproof. It is one of the most popular coatings on this site.


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out2llunge    0

I use E.L. on my muskie baits and it holds up well. Eventually I think most coatings will fail especially with the abuse I put them through - banging rocks, zebra mussels, high speeds, sharp muskie teeth, etc.

If you're using the product properly you shouldn't have any troubles.

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