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Spinner Blade Styles

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I’ve been making my own inline spinners for several years now. Mostly for trout and bass. I read Jed Davis’ book and usually follow his directions. I mostly use french blades and sometimes use inline spinner blades that don’t require a clevis. I haven’t had issues with the blades spinning with fast or slow retrieves as long as I size them correctly with the lure body size/weight. I’ve seen the really light inlines made by Joe’s flies and those use a light / thin colorado blade ( I think that is the style). I was wondering if the experienced inline spinner makers here use different style blades other than the french or inline spinner blades that spin easily with fast and slow retrieves. Looking to change up the looks of my inlines. Would like to make some heavier ones so I can slow troll behind a boat but get them deeper. Also some smaller inlines similar to Joe’s Flies but with small bodies to fish in streams and creeks.

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I was making trout sized spinners, 1/8oz, with willow blades that did pretty well but you had to reel them pretty fast. I've also used Indiana blades but there are 2 styles that may help you. For larger spinners in the 1/4oz and larger range you can try the Mag willow or Olympic blade, the reason you need a larger spinner is the smallest size is a #3. They do spin at slow speeds and produce a lot of vibration, another that you may like is the swing blade, these are shallow cupped that look like a willow blade with rounded ends. The CP Swing and Original Rooster Tail spinners use swing blades, they sometimes require a snap of the rod to get the blade going but once you do they will work at all speeds from slow to fast and everywhere in between.

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