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I hate turtles!!! XD

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     There is this nice and convenient lake near me. I don't want to say it's name. There are Bass, Crappie, Catfish, and Bluegill. But the Bass and Catfishing is poor. Either you get nothing or a monster. The Crappie is ok, which majority are around a dam in the center that is unreachable from the shore. The Bluegill is decent, so that is what I target when fishing this lake. One of those lakes, just killing some time, beers, relaxing in the outdoors.


    So I throw out a float setup for bluegill from the shore. I use mealworms and slim jims. Once my bobber hits the water, I can see turtles from all angles start heading right for my bobber. :D They hit my line all the time. I had two turtles get their arms and legs wrapped in my line. I'm gentle letting them go. But in all honesty, I really want to punt them into the abyss! :P I'm even wrapping my bait with gauss (the mesh used to cover wounds). It's really difficult to get my bait off the hook. But the turtles will pick at it until I just have to recast. I recast the other way and they're right back at it!


     I don't know what I can do to avoid them? So I wanted to ask. I'm thinking I might try a feeder bluegill rig? Where I can have something float the bait up from the bottom.... Maybe the turtles are used to feeding from bobbers?

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