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degreasser before paiting ?

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I put lures in a plastic bowl and hose down with wd40. Let sit a few days and take a tooth brush to them. Then I run hot water in the sink with dawn dish soap and let them soak and take a toothbrush to them. They come out nice and clean. Sand and scuff and shoot paint.

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On 6/11/2019 at 11:28 AM, RM3 said:

Nail polish remover has scents and additives, best to buy acetone from the paint department.

Yep, I bought some nail polish remover in a supermarket once, only to find out later that it had almond oil in it. That would have caused no end of problems if I hadn't noticed before I used it.

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I lightly sand the old lure to erase any imperfections and give the surface a little “tooth” to promote paint adhesion , then squirt a little dish soap on it and give it a quick wash.  Dry with a clean cloth and ready to paint.  Don’t see the need for solvents.

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