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TU Member Lost and Found, and memorial..

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I don’t post near as much as I used to, but am still here every couple days. I saw the new thread about the JR Hopkins DVD and I started thinking about the past of TU. I wonder if we shouldn’t have a “Lost and Found” sticky for formerly active members? More to let us know they’re okay, and just not into building, or having a difficult time, or whatever.

Similarly, perhaps we should have a “In Memoriam” sticky. I know we unfortunately have had multiple threads in the past about Members who have passed, but they’re hard to find if you don’t know to look. Maybe each could have a link to the thread (if there was one), a link to their posts (as a way of honoring their contribution to the hobby) and a comments section. 



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I'm like Clemmy in that I don't post much anymore, but still come around occasionally to read the posts and stay in touch with a few friends. It's too easy for someone to get "lost" in the pages of TU and believe that a "Lost and Found" page would be a great idea.


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As somebody that doesn't post but that does follow, I would like to have a section that does that.  I have learned a great deal over the years for just a hobby.  Way back to the Tackle Making web site.

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