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Cleaning spilled plastisol

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Over the weekend I had a plastisol container get punctured and before I noticed I had a bit of a puddle on the concrete floor in the garage.  I did wipe it up and scrub with solvent but  what would be the proper way to clean it up I would preffer not to leave a "grease spot" 

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Oil Dry or some equivalent oil absorbent product. Something you can probably get a Auto Store or even big box hardware places. Wipe up any excess liquid. You can then do as mentioned above and wipe with mild solvent or degrreaser cleaner. Then pour a small amount of the absorbent over the spill. Grind the granules down with  your foot, kinda like your trying to get gum off of your shoe or putting out a cigarette butt. This makes a fine dust out of the material and helps to pull out the oil from the concrete. Pour more material to cover the spill again and let sit overnight. Thats about as good as you can do. In a pinch cheap cat litter will work too, not the fancy designer types.

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