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How can I remove these pins from my spincast reel?

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      Awhile ago, I stopped at my father's place I discovered an ultralight spincast reel and rod. I think it is called the "Shakespeare MicroSpin MSS P46." It goes for $2 on Ebay! :D But I have a lot of memories with this setup as a child. So I want to fix it up, use it again, and pass it to my future son some day. Make a wooden handle for it. The rod is broken, but that is an easy replacement. The reel just needs some paint and grease. I can't really figure out how to get out the pins for the both handle and from the release lever.... If anyone knows how, I greatly appreciate it? I'm currently leaning towards brute force so I wanted to ask first. Thanks!




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they are pressed in, best bet would be drill them out...starting with a small bit and moving up in size. The release lever has a spring if I remember right so be careful with it. First hole needs to be dead center to avoid oval holes left from not being centered.

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I have a very similar looking reel mounted on the original rod in my rod rack.  A couple buddies and I all bought one at K-Mart to go bluegill fishing one day some 20-25 years ago.  We had a blast.  I was wailing the redear on cheese balls, and one of my buddies had the fight of a lifetime when he stuck a 2 pound bass.  

When I get a moment I'll wander over to that part of the shop and take a look to see if I can add any insight.  

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