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Doc Nemo

Flourescent Paint Issue

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Hi gang,

I know that most of everyone has airbrushed with chartreuse fluorescent acrylic paint at one time or another. Recently, I have noticed that when I use it, it'll often 'bleed' over the other paint after I final clear coat everything. This doesn't happen immediately, but usually after using the lures fishing sometimes weeks to months later. I first noticed on a sexy shad pattern I put on a glide bait. This doesn't happen with any other paint that I have/use (all createx acrylics). Just a heads up, for my process, I clear coat my wood lure bodies with a water-based polyurethane, prime with white then paint, after drying I dip in a water-based spar. Once fully cured (24-72 hours, depending on weather its hot and humid down here!). I final clear coat with Alumi-UV. 

Any thoughts of what could be making the fluorescent paint bleed like this? It's not terrible, but definitely noticeable with a black light.



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