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Foil tape product ID #

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I recently ran out of hvac foil tape that my Dad in MI sent me. I went to get more and found that what they have on the shelves here is not the same tape. Same company but a different product. It has a flat brushed aluminum look and is noway near as glossy as the foil I had been using. Absolutley unpolishable.

I emailed the company and this is the response I got within 1 day...

I have a roll in my hand, Aluminum Foil Tape, HVAC, #03202, that is 'glossy', not 'brushed'. However, I don't see any stores in Florida that are currently carrying this. I will send you a roll, which should arrive in about 5 days.

Thanks -


:D Tammy kicks butt. So for the record...

The product ID is the last 5 digits of the bar code number.

Brushed aluminum tape: 03203

Faux chrome shiney tape: 03202

Tight lines,


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dang i think i have the wrong one, i'll have to go look later. Mine didnt seem as shiny as i thought it should be, but i thought i was just picky lol.

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