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hi there,

whilst waiting for materials to arrive for the bigger pike lures i'm making i got side tracked into making smaller jerkbaits that i have the materials to complete, i'm at the stage of weighting them and was wanting some opinions

now i know alot of stuff varies i.e. water temp etc etc however this is just tests i'm carrying out in the bath tub, much to the other half dis-satisfaction, as it mean the work room has spilled over not only into the kitchen but to the bathroom

i have the lures in the shape of a flipper, they are weighted slightly nose forward so they will jerk erratic and roll loads, they sit barely touching the surface and a rise slowly (without the trace) with the trace on they fall and sit just on the cross lock with the lure off the bottom but the metal wire on the bottom

what do you think??? should i have them sinking slowly without the weight of the trace or is this slow enough, or should they be faster/slower???

i was thinking the slower they fall the more hang time they will have

what do you guys think???

tightlines john

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oh p.s.

what do you think of this thing putting a split ring on the nose eye???

does it help or is it just the latest fad???

i have caught loadsa pike on lures with and without split rings and never gave it much thought till i got right into this

thanks again


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