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Baitmolds 3.8” kietech help

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So I got the kietech mold from baitmolds and it looks great besides the fact that on almost every shot there are usually 2 dimples near the nose of the bait, and sometimes the tail has little chips on it. I have tried different temps, and holding pressure. Anyone have any tips on this?




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I've made quite a few swimbait molds with tails like that - getting the air out of the tails is a major PITA.   Granted - they look great and work great - but are hit and miss on bubbles right where you're getting it.

I found that the closer the angle of the tail edge (the edge your getting the bubbles on) is to 90 degrees from the mold split - the more trapped bubbles you'll get.  Pretty sure it has to do with air getting trapped further up in the tail - and then not being pushed out fully before the cavity fills below it and seals off.

That mold looks like the tail is pretty close to 90 degrees and is deep/wide... so I think you might have challenges with it no matter what you try.  If you can't get them out with process (as others have mentioned above) - maybe add a few small vents in the tail and see if that helps the air push out.  On a few of the mold I've made - I carved HUGE vents - almost more like appendages - to let the air/plastic migrate out of the tail - and then just trim them off.  But I only make stuff on an hobby (personal level) so don't care about that extra work.


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15 hours ago, William DeMent said:

In the deepest  part of the tail drill a 1/16 hole then on the outside cover with metal tape. Take a pin  Poke a small hole in the center of the tape pour. I have a few mold I had to do this. Problem   Solved instantly

Where was this suggestion when I was beating my head like crazy!!! LOL!!  Nice tip - makes alot of sense!



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