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Small Scale Manufacturing, For my business.

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, I've been reading a lot right through this forum and it has helped a lot, but I need some help from you all since you always seem to be able to help each other. To understand my situation I am 17, I have created a design for a swimbait for saltwater application for down in Florida where I live that I know will sell great. My problem is I have a budget of a few thousand dollars of my own money that I have saved up working, so I'm willing to go all in, but I want to do it as effectively as possible. I contacted Custom Bait Molds and Baitjunkys to design my project, im just unsure about how many injections per mold. My problem is that I need to find a small scale manufacturer or just anyone who can produce quality swimbaits and jigheads with my molds. And I know doing it myself would be a good option in the beginning, but my parents dont want me dealing with lead and plastisol, so that wouldn't be an option. Does anyone know of someone who could do this, or anyone willing to do this for a reasonable price, I'm probably looking at a few hundred, max 1000 units of each. 

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I have an aluminum mold made by Ross and Custom Bait Molds and it's fantastic. I sent him a 3D model I designed in an AutoCAD program. He imported the file and laid out the mold then sent it to his CNC machine and cut it from a block of aluminum.  He actually made me 2 identical molds and then a tail mold for the baits. The molds are single injection port, 8 cavity molds. The tail mold is a 16 cavity mold.

The mold shoots great and I will get many thousands of baits from the mold for my company.

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