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Storing KBS Diomond Clear

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I can’t specifically speak to KBS but I’ve used Dick Nite MCU for several years and it is probably even more sensitive to moisture contamination.  Pounding the lid back on is the worst case scenario to preserve MCU as it leaves the largest air to finish contact surface and the highest chance of air leakage. It’s also hell getting a can back open after the first use when the MCU has gotten on the lid and cured hard as a rock.  Decanting it into narrow necked containers, insuring 100% air seal in a Mason jar, squirting inert nitrogen gas into the container to blanket the MCU, using the “tap the can” method of storage, and dispensing only enough MCU to paint a lure instead of dipping lures in the finish are all strategies that guys use to save their MCU from curing in the storage container.  Whether you use any or a combination of these strategies, or none of them, depends on how quickly you will use up the MCU and your pain threshold for wasting money on a rather expensive finish product that easily goes bad due to poor storage methods.

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