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Jig Head Bluegill

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I've been tying flies for about 30 years, but I've just joined this group.  I enjoy playing around with materials and creating my own fly designs, mainly for warm water fishing.  I make my own jig heads with different sized non-lead split shot crimped and glued to jig hooks.  This allows me to use the hook sizes I want and the jig head weight I want.  Here's one pattern that works well for me.  It imitates a small bluegill and when at rest on the bottom, it stands on its head a bit like a Ned rig.  Just a bit of hair for the tail with a couple strands of copper colored Crystal flash added.  The body is made from a synthetic dubbing brush and the collar is a red hackle.  I like to paint the jig head and add 3D eyes before giving it a coat of UV epoxy.

Baby Bluegill headstander.JPG

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Welcome ! Great pattern and materials and nice proportions , I like to make small dubbing brushes for jigs like this too, good luck

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