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Forum Vs Gallery

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One of the unique features of TU is the gallery, which is the separation between displaying your work and the learning/teaching processes.

To this day, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what you can post in a forum without everyone stepping on your neck. So, here is my understanding and interpretation of the rules, which I admit that I haven't read in a while. I generally go through them a couple of times a year.

Gallery - to show off pics of lures. That is all, the sole purpose. You can get the 'feel good' of people respecting and appreciating your skills as a creator.

Forum - a place to receive and give knowledge. By documenting your process of a build you are giving knowledge. People will read and learn how it is done. Other people will see better ways to do the process, this is good too because you get to learn. Photos are very important for this process.

The forum is a place to ask questions about a process, be it construction or painting, again, photos help enormously. You discover a new process or idea, post it in the forum with pics, spread the knowledge and answer questions.

The general forum is exactly the place for build documentation and photos.

If you have a specific problem with your beautifully painted lure that doesn't swim properly, the question belongs in the forum. The photo will raise eyebrows, so you better be genuine in your request for information and a solution to your problem. Nonetheless, the post belongs in the forum.

If you think that my thinking is incorrect then let me know, I will welcome correction or criticism happily.

What is tour interpretation?

Can the rule be improved?

Not everyone likes the forum/gallery system but personally, I LOVE IT. There is nothing worse than flipping through the new posts in the forums only to discover that it is another 'Look at what I have done' post.


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