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scents for saltwater plastics

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Was wondering if anyone has some comments on scents for cast saltwater plastics. Was wondering if it is possible to scents the molds with Berkley gulp recharge juice for personal use or would this be patent infringement. if that is not possible would you have any recommendations for other scents. Fish salt water in the area of Sandy Hook NJ. Thanks..... Walt

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I'm not a lawyer, but I doubt it's copyright infringement if you use Gulp Recharge juice. It may be different if you're selling the baits. For personal use? Who will know?

I have soaked my baits, mostly senko types in Berkley juice for 2 years now in what started as an experiment. No change in texture of color. The colors included laminates as well, with no bleeding. I'm not even sure if it made a difference in fish catching either.

I just use a scented worm oil now using a scent mixed with worm oil that you can buy from any supplier., mostly to keep the baits soft.

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