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Soft Plastic Cookbook

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Every now and then I see that there's a new topic in the cookbook sticky so I open it up to see what's new.  It seems like a lot of folks are going in there asking how to make a color and that ends up with a lot of messages back and forth.  I would suggest that if you need help with a color that isn't in the cookbook that you ask in the regular part of the soft plastic forum and once you get the color dialed in you post the recipe in the sticky cookbook thread.  


Just my opinion though

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Al, not to be an A$$, but I offer that when the sticky was started, a number of experienced members posted recipes. Within a year or so, the discussions and question  posts began. Not sure how big a job it is to clean it up but it would be nice. Maybe as a moderator, you can just delete and not have to go into the HTML file and manually delete line by line.

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