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Anyone ever bought a mold from Fusion X?

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I typically don't buy any molds other than aluminum CNC molds anymore. I saw someone post a mold from this company and checked out their website. They make resin/composite injection molds and I decided to take a flyer on one of their molds. I bought it back on Feb 14th, contacted them about 2 weeks later to see if it had shipped. They sent me a tracking number on March 2nd and it has been in pre-transit ever since. I contacted them the middle of this week to ask about the pre-transit and was told it had shipped earlier this week but the tracking info still says pre-transit.  They are based in Ohio and so am I, priority shipping takes 2 days because I have shipped lures to friends for them to try. I feel like I am getting the run around.

Anyone ever bought from this company? Have you had any issues? Luckily I used PayPal to pay for the mold, I plan on giving them til the end of this week before I file a dispute and get my money back. I have saved all the communications and the tracking info in case I need it. Should have just ordered a similar mold from Basstackle or Fat Guys Fishing, this is what I get for trying to support a local company. 

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