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D. Burns

Flicker Shad Blanks

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     I love using the flicker shads, but I haven’t found any blanks available. For an average of 3$ per factory bait with all hooks and hardware, you might be better off buying factory ones in bulk sales and just repainting them for something custom. Normally , I pay around $1.50-$3.00 for a random blank without any hardware from most sites.  
     Just remove the existing hardware, paint your base coat over the factory paint, then you can make them how you want, and add a final clear coat. I started repainting factory baits in the beginning, and they turned out great . I repainted a bunch of older jsr bodies and use them all the time without any issues. 

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You can buy clear flicker shads at retailers or online.  They come with split rings, hooks and eyes installed but it's not a big deal to take the rings and hooks off and to pop out the eyes before painting. 

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