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About to order 5 - 10 gallons of plastic for my first order...

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I have some experience years ago with MF plastic and their colorants. I don't have any of that equipment/material any more. I bought the angling ai 6 inch swim bait open pour mold as my entry back into the bait making world. I am wondering if anyone can give me recommendations on what plastic I should go with? I am open to any and all brands. I will be doing injection also very soon.

There is so much info out there about each plastic. Bubbles/micro bubbles/scorching all this is just muddying the waters.

I don't need the cheapest, but I don't want to get raped either.

Bait Plastics?

Dead On?

What should I go with?


I was suggested to buy Dead On Black Bucket Craw/Tube blend for doing the 6 inch swim baits. What would be the equivalent in other brands?

Should I just buy Medium of whatever brand and buy Hardener/softener and adjust to suit?

Thanks in advance for any help,



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I personally buy only Medium and have gallons of softener  ( mostly for sticks ) and a qt of hardener. This way I can mix my own how I want it for each type of bait .


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Pretty much personal preference and I'm sure you'll see recommendations for all of them after a while.  I've used a lot of different plastics over the years but pretty much only use MF or Bait Plastics (polysol) now.

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At this point I have tried 3 types Alumisol do-it and dead on. 

I hate the do-it, it  burn easy and fumes really bad.

Alumisol is OK ,  I would like another try at using the plastic now that my technique is better.

I just got some dead on and it's awesome accidentally got it up to 425 and the plastic took it.

Just started to use a degassing chamber this weekend it does make a difference,  I tried degassing the dead on right out of the bucket but hardly anything came out, but after heating and mixing in the pigment and such we hit it again and lots of bubbles came up. Re-heats were always loaded with air.

The bulk of what I make is for pike big swimbaits I like the plastic on the tougher side, Alumisol right out of the jug was good the regular Do-It was too soft and I have not thrown any of the Dead on  Plastic yet but the tube/craw seems about the same as alumisol out of the jug but maybe a bit stiffer.

And just as an FYI the Do-it 6" paddle tail is a great lure the pike go nuts for them , the mold does need a sprue extender but I would recommend a look when you jump to injection.



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