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Glide bait only goes straight

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Started playing a little in the glide bait world and made a few different style.  Having an issue on getting them to "S Track" or "Walk the Dog".  Any ideas on how i can get them to have more action then just diving and rising? 

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Don't know what style you have but I bet it is where you put the weight, I would think it should be towards the tail. Also how you retrieve the lure, go to you tube on how to walk the dog fishing lures lots there.



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Each design i have come up with is running either straight and level or comes up slightly and sinks.  Tried moving the weight to the back to have about a 5-10° angle on the lure and that didn't help either.  Should the angle be more you think?

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As you obviously already know; the site policy is not to show images in the forums for complements and gratification. A good rule I might add.

But, in this case, a few images would help to analyze your problem. Pictures ARE allowed if they are relevant to the problem in question, as in this case. Also a sketch showing where you have positioned the ballast.

These types of lures are all about shape and ballast location.


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I couldn't see the picture either.

I've been making a lot of smaller (3") glide baits lately, and so far I've liked the action when I split the balast.  Basically I draw two lines splitting the lure into even thirds (more or less, compensating for the shape of the bait), and then weight them at those two points so the lure sinks level.  I've been getting a really good "S" swim on a steady retrieve and a really erratic darting/gliding action when twitched.  You can kind see the location of the weights in these baits.  I know some people put the weight all in one central location, and I've had some luck with that too, though I haven't used that method much.

Cedar Gliders.jpg

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