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Best clear coat for plastic baits?

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#1 zman



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Posted 19 November 2004 - 05:10 PM

Did alot of looking on site it seems that the devcon is the best for clear coating crankbaits

What about putting on the plastic body crankbaits? Which would be best to use would the devcon work also as well and any tips on drying or appling to the plastic baits?

thanks in advance (great site!! so much info in one place :D )

#2 RiverMan


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Posted 19 November 2004 - 06:27 PM

Welcome Z-man!

The clear coat of choice has been a friendly "bone of contention" at this site for some time. Some guys prefer without question Devcon whilst others choose Envirotex. If you are just getting started I would suggest using Devcon, it's easy to use and works fine. One thing I would warn you about is if you are using "pre-made" plastic crank bodies you should be careful about how much clear coat you use. Some of the small cranks I have tried to refinish behaved quite differently after clear-coating...some would not work at all. The larger the bait the less they seem bothered by the coating thickness. Do one bait and see what happens...if all is ok then go forward from there. As far as instructions for applying the stuff do a "topic search"....look at the top right portion of this screen and go to TU Search then Search Forums. Try the keywords Devcon, E-tex, ect.

Best of luck to you.

Jed :roll:

#3 zman



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Posted 19 November 2004 - 07:19 PM

Sounds good painted, some years back using 2 part rod epoxy not sure what brand then using drying wheel first then put into ice chest with i believe a 40 watt bulb.
Had some later that had small cracks in them not sure what from?

Starting from scratch (divorce) building things over again so far so good!

would also like suggestions on air brush and good but cheap air compressor still searching site seen some info and recomendations

thanks for the help! (keep up the good work!)

Zman :D

#4 IslandBass



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Posted 20 November 2004 - 05:09 AM


I've coated plastic crankbaits with DevCon 2T with no ill results whatsoever.

Initially, they were 3" clear, unpainted cranks that my daughter and the neighborhood kids painted with acrylics. I put on the DevCon on all parts of the bait except the lip and the coating does not appear to affect the bait's wiggle.

The one I painted actually caught a bass so I am a very happy camper. It's too ugly to post here but at least the bass liked my paint job! :lol:

Go ahead and give the DevCon a try.


#5 Hilton



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Posted 20 November 2004 - 07:50 AM

Make a compressor yourself.

I made my using :

Fire extinguisher bottle (hi pressure - CO2)
Freedge compressor (1/4 hp)
Pressure regulator
Pressure switch (to switch on and off)
Safety valve

Works great, and it?s cheap... I spent about $45.......