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I feel you bud, I went through this several years ago. It is partly the reason why my old posts don't have pics. There was a system crash that removed a lot of stuff too.

Deleting old pics is most definitely NOT good for the site. I suggest that you get in touch privately with the admin and sort out some arrangement. As a prolific member, you should be allowed some concession, IMO. I was not and thousands of posts were ruined.

Argue your case for the good of us all.

This is not about people who take megabyte pics and don't reduce them down to an appropriate pixel size. There is no excuse for pics greater than 100Kb.


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1 minute ago, Hillbilly voodoo said:

@Curt - RI it’s working now :yay:

Glad to hear it!! I made a change to the settings that is site-wide, not just for one or two specific members.

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@Curt - RIYour a good man thanks for investing your time to maintain things around here 

May I suggest if possible add an erase function so members that exceed their limit of pics can clear out some old ones 

if one exists and I am just not tech savvy enough let me know how 

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OK. Here we go.

1 - Click "Edit" immediately under your post.

2 - Click the actual photo. It will turn blue.

3 - Hit the Delete key on your keyboard, or right-click on the photo with your mouse, and click on "Delete".

4 - Click "Save" at the bottom of your post.

That's it. The photo should now be deleted.

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