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One piece glidebait

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LHL cheers mate. Thanks for the input. It could be actually that i twitch and jerk way to hard even though i try to be gentle. ( that sounded funny actually, i try to jerk gentle lol).

I also start to think that maybe i should add more microballoons in my lure. What's your way there if i can ask?

I use 16% by weight from part A but it could be that maybe i should go for the double? Idk, the only problem is that the lure will require more weight to get stabilised and I'll have a challenge to fit it under the belly.

I also considered pouring first 1/4 of the lure ( belly section) only resin mixed with some tungsten powder and then pour with microballoons.

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I carve everything out of wood so I know nothing about resin haha. Perhaps someone with more experience can chime in.

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