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??injector cleaning methods??

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How do you guys go about cleaning the inside of the injector??
Mine keep gumming up. 

I currently just spray it down with 70% rubbing Alcohol and run a rag threw it. Cleans it pretty well but after a few molds being shot it gums right back up. 

I’m currently using Do-It Molds and Jacobs Molds injectors. 


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I made a cleaning rod from a 3/4 (I think) inch dowel rod. Took a drill and made a slot in one end ( think of a cleaning jag for a rifle) with multiple holes.smoothed my slot out with a file. I have a rag stuck in it. I never change it. When I change colors or quit shooting I take my nozzle off, have some worm oil in a spray bottle and shoot some in the tube. Take my cleaning rod and stick it in the tube, rotate it, run it back and forth. Get all the plastic that’s sticking to the wall of the injector out and I’m done. Silky smooth for my next session or next color. Shake your jag out over a trash can and it’s ready for the next cleaning.

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