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Brenden Buck

Silicone molds

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You will need something to pour with.  For an open pour mold, tin cups are the best.  The cups are what goes on the hot plate, NOT the mold.  You will melt that sucker in a heart beat!

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I use a heat gun to even out the tops of my silicone open pour swimbaits, but I'm really careful not to overheat the mold.  Hitting the plastic while it's still hot lets me get it back up to melting temp. pretty quickly.  I would never try it with mold whose bait was cool or cold.


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On 10/17/2020 at 11:25 AM, Brenden Buck said:

Looking into getting a silicone hand pour swimbait mold. Can you put a silicone mold on a hot plate to keep it heated or will it just melt to the hot plate?

Perhaps the question should be can you control the temperature of the hot plate?

I offer the following link regarding the breakdown of silicone and temperature.


From that web site: "For example, if heated up to 150°C you would see very little change in the silicone, even if held at this temperature for a very long time, At 200°C the silicone will slowly become harder and less stretchy with time, and if the silicone was heated up to a temperature beyond 300°C, you would quickly see the material become harder and less stretchy in a very short time, due to such extreme temperature conditions but it would not melt."

Now, not every silicone can handle 150 deg. C (302 deg. F) for a long time.  But, the Alumilite HS2 can withstand up to 395 deg. F for some time.

I seldom go that hot, and I always treat my molds with liquid silicone oil after it and let it set (makes it last longer).

In my opinion, a hot plate that was holding a temperature of say 175 degrees F, it would be well below degradation point but would preheat it well before use.

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