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What is the strongest worm (rubber) proof clear coat for Jigs

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Hi all,

i am making lures full time now and looking for some advise on clear coating. i currently use csi paint OG UV Blast clear seal (https://www.csipaint.com/products/uv-fishing-lure-paint/uv-blast-clear-seal-coat.php) but after a few bad experiences with shipping in the cold (i live in CANADA its always cold LOL) and the coating not preforming as described i am seeking another product. i have seen dick nights mentioned and am wondering if anyone on here uses Alumalite or any other uv cured product that works well for production. We tried all kinds of different flash off times and in between coating times as well as cure times before testing and after a few casts maybe 10 at most the coating peels off like cheap striper clothing. Any and all advice greatly appreciated. 

Matt Wing - Kinger Lead-Free Lures 

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Dick night wouldn't ship to me here in Alaska so I couldn't try it out. They are not likely to ship to Canada either.

I use D2T epoxy or Alumi UV from alumilite to seal eyes on my saltwater jigs.

I built a light box with a 1,000 watt blacklight to cure the Alumi UV.

The Alumi UV was spendy with the shipping added in but they did ship to me.

Overall I'm happy with both products.

D2T works well to coat entire jigs.

Not sure how either would work on a production scale.

KBS diamond clear seems like a good product but I haven't tried it I think shipping may be an issue with it as well.

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