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Fluid Bed Rebuild

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I thought that this is the best place to post this. The parts came in that I ordered and I have been looking at this and thinking ( oh Lord ) and this is what I came up with.

 Ordered the vibratory motors that Kasil recommended and I also got these speed controls. They have a high and low voltage with the rheostat so you have a wide range of variable speed with the motors.

To mount the motors I scribed ( roughly )  some 3/4" PVC bd. to the 3" ABS end caps and used my belt sander to shape it. Glued it with PVC pipe glue and because of the vibration I wanted a mechanical fastener so I countersunk some ss screws. To try to isolate the vibration I found some rubber T - nuts and used a ss screw slipped thru the T-nut. The wood base was shaking some  ( expected ) so I had some felt pads that I put on the base and that helped quite a bit.

To power the motors which are DC.  I used an old battery that came out of my boat and I will have that hooked up to a maintainer ( just on a charger now ).

Made it out plywood laying around and a piece of 3/4 fir leftover. 


fliud bed rebuild 001.JPG

fliud bed rebuild 002.JPG

fliud bed rebuild 004.JPG

fliud bed rebuild 006.JPG

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