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Wobble event?

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Does anyone have any information on the crankbait gathering they call the wobbling event? A buddy of mine was telling me about it but I cant find anything on the internet. Sounds pretty interesting and would like to get more info about the event.

Thanks in advance

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1 hour ago, Judgie said:

Every Friday night when the bar closes in every town in America.

LOL! your probably right but I'm asking about another type of wobbling event. A Crankbait event where they get together and test / compare Crankbaits from all sorts of manufactures, from what he was telling me there is alot of handmade, custom crankbaits, especially Japanese builders participating, thought it would be neat to witness if its ever close enough? But hey thanks for the heads up, but not the wobblers I'm interested in.  

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I've never heard of one, but it would be sweet to put one together with folks from here and other custom lure makers.  They used to have regional and national contests for bird carvings and such, complete with judging and prizes.  Such a things for lure makers would be really cool.  We could even break it down into classes similar to what they do for the annual lure contest on here, or break it down even further: jerkbaits, glide baits/swim baits, crankbaits, muskie/over-sized baits, and micro-baits.

Get some judges, test-tanks, and display tables and we'd have ourselves something to get excited about.

This is completely biased, but the Midwest is obviously the best option for location, as it is centrally located...

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