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Looking for molds.

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Soooo. since I can't find the kut tail worm mold, I was thinking of trying to make my own. Am I to understand that the silicone can hold up to the high temps for pouring plastic? And how does this stuff pour? is it a thick stuff, is it a liquid?

Seems easy enough to make the mold 'cept my art ability sucks.

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a little pricey ( all their molds are ) but they do have some great stuff. Its a half inch shorter and I know there is a cnc mold out there 3/4 inch shorter, for  half price. I dont mind spending but I'd want to be sure of the closeness of the finished bait. If I could get my hands on sample baits poured from both mold makers to compare it would definitely help.

Body contours, weight action etc.

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