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Waspi head cement

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I have some Waspi head cement and every time I use it it drys " milky looking " not clear. It is solvent based .  The thread is some Ultra and Danville 210 flat lightly waxed and also some polyester thread,, " milky " on all of these.

I would like to have something that I can have in a dropper bottle with a needle type tip as I am tying. Using Bucktail and sometimes some synthetic type hair from LPO.


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It could be the solvent is reacting to the wax on the thread, I do not use any thread with wax on for my bucktails, and I use clear lacquer from the auto store, it is premixed and I just poke 2 holes in the top, and put screws in the holes to reseal it. my thread is nylon size a.

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I used to use a lot of lacquer when I was building cabinets. Have been using some of the hard as nails because of the " milky" problem. The Waspi seems like it penetrating better but the end color is bad.

I'm using a throw away brush and this what it drys like on the bristles. The squeeze type bottle with the needle would be convenient.


waspi milky color 001.JPG

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