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Spider web effect

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The answer is at your local fabric store or a Hobby lobby. There are numbers of materials that will give a similar effect. Try wired edge ribbon or Wonder Web. Used dryer sheets can be wrapped around a bait and shot thru. The silver stuff in the pic is what I use the most and can't remember the name of it, darine or darcine, something like that, maybe someone else knows the name. I suggest looking thru the fabric until you find something you think will work for you. I've found stuff at Wallyworld as well. Not a great pic but gives an example of a couple baits.



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Yup darice metallic mesh. 


Just an example, I'm sure you can find it in most craft stores or online.


Check our Jekyll Productions on youtube, she has a lot of videos about painting lures.  And she has a few where she talks about how to use this mesh to get a really good result.

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