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Cutting lip slots in Round (tapered) Baits

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While my lures aren't round, I'm fortunate that I have a saw blade with the exact kerf as the thickness of the lip material that I'm using.  So, no need to worry about any of that - just make one single cut into the lure body, and I'm done.

If you needed to do multiple cuts to get the lip slot in, your best bet would be to build some type of jig or something I'd think.

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42 minutes ago, AZ Fisher said:

Cut the lip slot when you still have the square ends attached to the body, right after it comes of the lathe. I use a table saw. If you already have round bodies now, I would use BobP's method to orient your slot and use a bandsaw or a small hand saw to cut the lipslot.

I thought about this or how to do this and as for lip accuracy i think its good. I was hoping to spin test in the tank to find the bottom before i cut the lip slots, not sure how that would go with the square ends on. However the lip placement is priority to the roll test i think for a crank bait. This is worth  a test for sure.

I did watch a video of a guy ripping a a flat on a round bait, then cutting the lip slot on table saw. he had round ends left on from the lathe and if i was good with the small flat that'd work pretty good.

Another option i had floated in my head was to make "jig" ends that were square, with a hole in the middle so that i would screw on on each end of the round body, then could cut on band or table saw after a spin test.

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