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Another compressor question (cant decide)

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tried asking this last night but computer would'nt cooperate so here we go again?

I know the bigger the tank is the less it will run (good?) got this much other questions are on the delivery pressure max psi some psi or more or less i dont think this makes to much difference not sure?

the big question i have is oil less or not and how much horse power if my links work ok i have sent couple links (1st time?)for you to look to tell me what you think?

the other is sears item#00915310000 model15310

last sears model is#00916724000 model#1674

sears warranty is a good thing also thought on the bigger one for other uses and some of the tools i could sell back through ebay maybe to get some of the money back

thanks for any help :D

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I don't like any of these.

The first link( they work just fine)Husky would be my pick of these 3.

What I do not like is this is a diaphram pump oil less unit.

They use a rubber bladder to compress.

They ware out very easy (I have killed 5 of them), they are loud and run way more to produce the same amount of air.

I do like the size of the tank.

For the long run you will be ahead by buying a piston pump that require an oil change once a year, based on use/time.

Go to full synthedic once worn in and don't worry about it to much.

Parts are easily changed, by any handy person.

I have only burned out the motor on my big one, and had it rewound and now it is a rocketship.

In service since 88 and runs at least once every day.

And I work it hard , sandblasting,all air tools, die grinders, and nail guns.

Check out the compressors at Habor freight before you buy.

And if warrenty is your concern Sears is your place.

3hp.or larger, tank 20gal. or more, and piston pump.

You will not be sorry in the long run.

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