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Les Young

Maribou Feather Boas?

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Has anybody ever used these as  either a main  source  of  feathers for  tying  floatnfly & crappie jigs.    Also what about small amounts of dyed ostrich feathers as possible  accent colors on these jigs? How about mixed with craft fur or bucktail?  These would be cheap & easy to obtain if they'd work good & figured somebody here had tried it. Thanks

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The real" Maribou "feathers came from a stork in Africa that was just about hunted to extinction for it's feathers so importation was banned . The Maribou feathers sold today are actually turkey pin feathers from young turkeys? Whatever hair or feather material you want to try will probably work in  a given situation . If the fish hit your jig / fly it is right .  I bought an assortment of packaged , dyed maribou feathers for tying small jigs from Barlows tackle shop and they were pretty  cheap really .


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Everyone I've ever seen the colors bleed out.  I use mallard, teal, gadwall flank feathers either plain or ones that I've dyed myself.  I use craft fur or arctic fox or other fox tails for the float and flies.  But most furs can be used for float and flys 

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