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uv resin life

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You got me.  I also have a bottle of Chinese uv resin, about a year old.  It’s still the same viscosity liquid as when new.  When I used it as clearcoat last week, it took about 40 minutes in my fingernail uv curing box to properly harden.  Not much longer than it took when fresh, but maybe slightly longer. I think the longer cure time may just be typical for Chinese resins.  The Alumi-UV resin reportedly cures in a few minutes.  It’s also much more expensive, so “player’s choice”. 

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My guess is that the UV is separating.  Try mixing the containers well, very well. 

I have some Alumilite Mike sent me when he first started to sell it and it is still good.  So......  I also have some older Loon for fly tying and it is also great.   But, I suspect the Alumilite and Loon use higher quality emulsifiers.  

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On 1/13/2021 at 12:49 PM, mark poulson said:

When I had my UV curing slower, I replaced the bulbs on my nail light box, and that fixed it.  Evidently they do wear out.

That is true.  UV lights have a life, just like the light bulb in your living room.  Except, they don't always burn out, but change frequency.

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