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Rod Eye Calculator

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I have written a spreadsheet for calculating eye positions for rod builders, for use on laptops or desktop computers (NOT tablets).

I have offered something similar in the past but this is an updated and much improved version.

If you buy quality blanks then this data is provided by the manufacturer. This utility is not intended to replace manufacturer data. Ideas and suggestions will be accepted.

You adjust the ‘tip to first eye’ distance and the ‘reel to butt eye’ distance to get a layout that works around the ferrule position(s).

Press the ‘ROD’ button for a graphical representation of the rod.

This utility is metric, but if it proves useful, I am prepared to produce an inches version. I have included an inch to mm converter for my American friends.

A simple but powerful utility that I use for my own rod building. PM me your email address if you would like a copy to have a play.


calc 1.JPG

calc 2.JPG

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