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Thinking about making jigheads .... need advice

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Hello just getting into lure making and thinking of ordering a Do it mold ( Manix mullet ) ordering everything from Lurepartsonline. 

Someone said I'd have to modify the mold any suggestions on what might have to be done ?

Have you guys used the lead ingots from them?

Any advice for starting out making jigheads ? I've watched several videos and it looks pretty straightforward. I plan to pour in an open area with gloves, safety glasses.

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Why would you need to modify the mold? Do you want to use a different hook that might not fit? Are you wanting to change or add something? You only have to modify a mold if you want to use a hook that doesn't fit, or if you want to add a wire keeper or something else. I'll be honest, get a mold that you want that has all the elements you want without making changes. Don't worry about the hook brand, if you don't like a hook that the mold calls for there usually are alternatives and members here will let you know what fits. I say that because a lot of times a modified mold could get finicky and may need to be tilted a certain way or poured at a higher temperature to get a complete pour. You can end up with some flash that will need to be cleaned up so the straightforward pouring jig head now becomes a not so straightforward affair. Let us know what you want to do with that jig and we may be able to help.

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Smalljaw .... I thought the same thing about why I'd need to modify it unless changing hooks. Here is a picture of the jig head from a Do it mold called Manix mullet .... I plan to use it on umbrella rigs. My reasoning for this mold is that I like the different weights of the jigs and the size hooks that match the weights ( 1/4 oz with a 3/0 hook 32786 black nickel ) that hook has worked well for trolling umbrella rigs for big hybrids. Another thing I liked about the head is the over sized eyes socket I appreciate any suggestions .... lead type, paint, eyes etc... Looking at ordering from Lurepartsonline. Thanks


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