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New to lure making what are these types of lures called?

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I just bought this book and it's awesome, this type of lure really caught my eye but I can't find anything like it on YouTube or the internet. it's different than a flat fish, or are all lipless cranks flatfish?Screenshot_20210105-201140.thumb.png.12a734b54eae8988d6a62fc74644d8f3.png


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There are a bunch of different types of lipless crankbaits. A flatfish is just one type of many different types of lipless cranks.

The one in your pic was a common style years ago similar to the Heddon Bayou Boogie, Pico Chico, Storm Whiz Bang,  Buckeye Shad Lipless Crank. Poe's also made a lipless back in the day similar to your pic. Although some of the older style baits are still being sold, that older style seems to have fallen out of favor since the Rattle Trap type baits gained in popularity. Your pic does have the line tie lower than most of the older baits.

The pictured lure's shape is somewhat like Strike King's Red Eye Shad with a steeper vertical face and lower line tie.

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Your welcome. Google the Aquasonic Chatterbox and Rogers Vib-R-Fin for a couple of other similar lures.  

You may want to make one with multiple line ties to offer different actions, one down low and one up high, like the Drifter Believer. I haven't made many lipless baits of the typical tight swimming vibrating kind. I have made some Bass Oreno and AC Plug type baits and changing where the line tie is on the sloped face changes the running depth and tightness of the wobble.


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