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Jointed Crank - Sneak Preview

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Thanks again for the compliment guys.

Mallard: I've reduced the sections by 2, waiting for the primer to dry & see how it behaves. I think it should work out alright when I twisted it around, the extra sections could be an over-sight while I was working on it in the computer. A bigger size one might need it though.

As for Jelutung (Dyera costulata) it is actually classified as a light hardwood, so I guess it's better than balsa. More resistant to abuse than balsa. I haven't used cedar so no idea how it compares.

Air dry density averaging 464kg/m cube (29lb/ft cube), less bouyant compared to balsa but the grains are straight, tight & consistant (growth rings barely observable). A joy to work with. Finishes extremely smooth, no sap hole too. It's a good wood to work with. Side note: supceptible to blue stain fungi attack so you gotta seal it proper.

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