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Galatians 2 20

Question regarding powder coated blades

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Hello guys.

I've got a quick question that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I would like to know if powder paint has any adverse effects on spinner blade function.

To be more specific, I wish to paint (with a spray gun) both sides of a Hagen's #1 french blade with black Pro-Tec powder paint for use on an inline spinner. 

I have heard some people suggest that it can negatively affect the blades ability to spin properly, while others say it has no effect on the blade's performance.

These spinners would be made with the intent to sell them, so 100% reliability is a must.

Any insight/observations from people who have done this would be greatly appreciated.


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Galatians 2 20, I can't speak to inline spinners, but I have painted countless spinnerbait and bladed jig blades and have never had a problem with performance. I would suggest that you paint a couple and test them out. I too used a spray set-up because it gives you a thin even coat.

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Thanks for that info, Basseducer. That's good to hear.

I will definitely test the blades for proper function after being coated. I would make a few now to test, but I do not have the spray gun or powder paint yet, so I wanted to run it by the forum first, before purchasing those items.

Normally I simply run brass and nickel plated blades, but I have a design in mind that would work best with an all black blade, so the powder painting will be something new for me.

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I have painted spinnerbait blades, Colorado sz 3-6, willow and Indiana sz 4-7. They worked fine but I did keep the paint thin and those are bigger blades. Some have a thin coat of spray clear on top of the paint and they still spin fine. 

A size 1 blade is fairly small. If the paint goes on too thick, it may be hard to get the blade spinning.

Have you taken a look at the painted French blades or the black nickel French blades sold by the usual suppliers? Just buying the blades may be cheaper than buying the spray gun and paint, plus it saves the labor.

I like the black nickel French blades. You never have to worry about the paint chipping off or not bonding to the blade. They spin easy as there is no paint on them. I bought some LPO black nickel French in size 4 for inlines and spinnerbaits. They look great and are durable. They give the black look but also give off some some flash.

LPO sells the black nickel in the regal French blade line.


Lakeland also sells some. Their website is not the easiest to use. Pages 63-64 on the link.

http://lakelandcomponentsolutions.com/Flipbook 2020/mobile/index.html

There are probably other companies that sell them.

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Thanks for that info, JD_mudbug. Much appreciated.

Yes, the smaller size blade that I intend to use was part of my concern. It seems like it might get thrown out of balance a little easier than a larger one (if the powder paint was indeed going to be an issue).

I'm a big fan of the black nickel blades, as well. My only concern is that this spinner will also have a black body, and I wish for them to have a matching finish (I intended to powder paint the body using the same paint, ensuring that they would match).

If I could find a source that had matching black nickel blades and brass bodies for a reasonable price (I will be looking to purchase 1,000) I would definitely consider going that route, but if I could save a considerable amount of money coating them myself I would prefer to take that road for now.

I have also been toying with the idea of using a black blade dip, baking it and then spraying it with UV Blast.  I'm not sure how that would look/wear over time, however.

My main goals are to have a matching black finish for both blade and body that is consistent and durable, but also one that does not cost me an arm and a leg to produce. Time/labor to produce them is not as great a concern.


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You might be able to find a black metallic power paint that matches the black nickel blades. I know it is available. I just don't know if you can get a small container to test for matching. It is usually sold in large containers for car parts. I use metallic black nail polish or just a regular black with a glossy clear like epoxy on my bodies. I only have to make a few so that doesn’t help you.

Paint will hold up much better on the body than it will on the blade. Paint on a blade will end up wearing down eventually. There is just so much rotation and a thin edge that the paint wears off the edge eventually. Once the paint is off the edge, the flaking and cracking migrate in.

Another issue with painted blades is spider web type cracking. Some blades never get it, some do. This seems to happen randomly. It could be cold temps and high temps causing the blades to contract and expand just a bit and the paint cracks. Once that happens, it is just a matter time before a paint chip flakes off.

It is tough to see in the pic of a sz 5 mag willow. There are fine cracks all over the surface. I fished with that blade on spinnerbait one day and put it in my spinnerbait hanging box. The next time I took the bait out the cracks were there.

chart blade paint cracks.JPG

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Thanks again, JD_mudbug. Very helpful information.

If blade wear will be an issue with the powder paint, perhaps I will be forced to go with a black nickel blade and a black powder painted body (if I am unable to source a matching black nickel body in the style that I need).

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I am just a hobby builder, so my methods are not for production.  I'm sure they would have to be adapted in some way for production, if they would work at all.

I've found that anything that adds weight to blades effects their spin, slowing it down.  The thinner the coating, the smaller the effect.  I have coated and fished chatterbait blades with black Shrapies, topcoated with Createx transparent base and then Rustoleum x2 Gloss Clear Acrylic.  I can even paint my spinnerbaits and blades, primed with self etching primer, with Createx paints and then topcoat with the Rustoleum, and it holds up just fine

For me the most durable blade coating has been finger nail polish.  It is hard and tough, and doesn't seem to be affected by temperature changes in the blade's metal.

I've tried powder coat, and it made the spinnerbait blades spin more slowly, but it seems to change the thump on chatterbait blades in a good way.

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