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Master airbrush

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The master airbrushes are not terrible nor top of the line. The triggers feel a little scratchy and stiff right out of the package when compared to more expensive brushes, and require a bit of lubrication, fine tuning, and break in time. However, most the the kits are worth the money, especially the ones with extra needles, nozzles, parts ect. I bought one just for base coats and it works great.


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When I get a master airbrush, the first thing I do is take the needle out and polish it with a super fine polish/cleaner wax.

Put a small amount of super fine polish/cleaner wax on q-tip/cotton swab and polish it, till it feels super smooth.

My .02

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i have a master and it does not spray as well as my iwata does, but i can paint stuff with it. It generally likes a bit more pressure and is a little fussier with tip dry. I use it with the 05 needle mostly 

...and should add i have to thin paints with it a bit more it as well, thats not a big deal to me i just mix it in the airbrush bowl with a toothpick. 

for $30 id have no issue buying one to see if i like airbrushing if you are on the fence. Otherwise its a good investment to buy a good one to start. i see no way to lose in this one


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