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Tube Dudes! I need some help.

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3 hours ago, jigmeister said:

I was thinking of using a piece of 1 1/2"  +  copper pipe with a cap soldered on the end .  You could mount the pipe upright and fill it half way with hot plastic and dip the rod in to get the desired length with the dipping rod displacing the hot plastic higher up in the pipe . 

Then maybe suspend the copper pipe in a bigger pipe filled with hot oil? Definitely need to make sure that pipes hot

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On 6/8/2021 at 7:02 AM, jigmeister said:

Yes that would work . Admittedly I haven't got around to trying this yet but I was thinking about hitting the copper pipe occasionally with a propane torch or keeping a heat gun on low pointed at the pipe to keep the temp up while dipping .

Propane torch probably too aggressive and you’ll have a good chance to yellow your plastic out

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This is the only way I make tube baits. It's to bad these molds are no longer available because they shoot great and there is no cutting of the tails. I asked the manufacturer about a 6" or maybe a 7" tube mold but he wasn't very enthusiastic about it. :)

I did manage to get my hands on 3 2" molds and a pair of 3.5" molds from the last runs he did.


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