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scale pattern went for a ball a sh&@

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tried my first scale pattern and you guess it, the results were not outstanding

it was a nylon mesh i used, it was a thin mesh, i put it hard against the lure and held it on with washing line pegs, the paint was coming off with the mesh and the bits it didn't there wasn't much of a scale pattern left

it was plastic-kote enamel in spray cans i was using

whats the best way to go about it

do i use the mesh hard against the lure?? and am i best with a mesh that very thick??

any helps apprecaited

tightlines john

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Scale patterns are alot easier with an airbrush but can be done with aerosol cans.

the mest tight against the bait is fine, just not so tight that it destroys the undercoat.

holding the can far away from the bait is key, prepare with a latex glove on your holding hand because the overspray from a distance will paint your hand.

go in quick light spray coats from at least a foot away from the bait.

carefully remove the scale neeting befor the paint cures.

good luck

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If you want to spray a small area of scales with a spray can,

you can do it.

I like my scale netting tight against the bait.

I use a large enough piece that I can put the

bait in the middle of the netting and gather

up all the loose ends on the bottom of the bait

and twist them tight.

Hold them with a piece of tape, clothes pin or

binder clip. Pull any wrinkles out and hold the bait

with a hemostat or whatever you hold your bait

with while painting.

Now cut a rectangular hole in a piece of cardboard

about the size of the area you want scales on.

Hold the cardboard about 3/8"-1/2" away from the bait

and make a fairly quick pass across the bait with the spray

can. Start your spraying when you reach the edge of the

cardboard and stop after you pass the bait.

I always use a hair dryer and dry the paint before

I remove the scale netting.

Don't lift the netting off the pait, pull it back over itself

and you won't lift the paint.

I hope this will help you.


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hi there, thanks guys, with what you have said i think it might have been the build on the paint, this enamel has a thick application, in comparison with the size of netting, mastering this airbrush looks like the route

thanks again

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