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You've created a brand new lure! Congratulations

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Hello, everyone

This topic has been covered before, many times, all over the place, new ideas, patents and prototypes etc.. I'm going to post a whole bunch of links from great members on this site, and other Interesting sites I've found. Then I want to explain what I would do, and take any advice/ suggestions anyone might have thanks.



















I've created what I think is a new lure design.

Members here could tell me quick if it's new, and if it'll work. But my idea beforehand is to send it to a dozen people, who would want to have them, maybe test them, and be the proff that this is my idea. When the lures start to arrive I would post all the pictures and details on how to build the lures. If someone wants to buy the components and bend up the wire then great. Maybe I'll trade a few here in the classifieds. If a company is lurking and they see a possibility to make money, maybe they'll negotiate a deal for the idea, and have their lawyers file for patents and fight with whomever.

I'm a simple man, I would be happy with anything really, maybe your the same. If I'm unsuccessful and you never see my lure at bass pro, which most likely, then oh well. Hopefully someone really enjoys my lure and builds some for friends.

But I hope maybe we could have a way here, where this could work out for someone from this site. One day you'd know the guy or girl, who invented that lure, that won that tournament somewhere, or is sold a bass pro. Maybe someone here will have a original prototype.

I don't know, what do you think? what would you do?. Is this already being done or has been tried ? Does the lure contest preform this already? Did anyone ever try the spins electroreceptor attactor?

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to respond here.







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I have given this subject a LOT of thought; what to do with a new lure design.

A - Design and build a unique lure that catches more fish than any other lure.
B - Develop a low volume production process that guarantees a repeatable product.
C - Issue the lure to testers. Beware of family and friends, you need honest feedback.

If you get passed A, B & C, then the subject of patents must be addressed.

Do you intend to sell the design to a company?

If so then quality, robust patents need to be put in place before you go any further. If you put product on the market before a patent is in place then you risk losing the patent. Even 3rd party testing is a risk. Selling to a company is not as easy as it sounds. Companies will not even look at your product because of the legal implications of their future designs.

If you decide to keep the business and have the funds to rigorously defend your design then you now need quality patents.

If you do not have the funds to defend patents then you must proceed in the knowledge that your product will be copied and mass produced if successful. You probably have 12 months to make your money, depending on the complexity of the design.

Now comes the most creative part; sales, marketing, promotion, sponsorship, paperwork, taxes, etc. There are many strategies from Mom and Pop stores through internet, EBay, websites, sales sites and a lot more. I don’t have any advice except do research and develop a strategy.

Conclusions – Protection through patents is the biggest issue and requires a lot of research. You mention the ‘lurking company’ approaching with a lucrative deal to save the day. But, if you do not have quality, robust patents in place then why would they bother. Even if you had patents, if they were not strong then their legal team could take them apart.

The ‘other company’ cannot take patents out on the idea even if you did not protect with a patent for the same reason that your patent is weakened if you patent after putting the lure on the market. Once the idea is ‘out there’ then it cannot be patented. Of course, a slick legal team will always find ways to negate these fine details.

Personally I have been put off bringing a unique lure to market UNLESS it is a fine balance, and cannot be replicated without knowledge of how it works.


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Vodkaman thank you for your insight. Lawyers drive me nuts.

In the end it's always sour, not enough money.

I would do a deal on a hand shake for $20. Just to have "invented by" on it and not a single lawyer involved. 

I read your part about the effect on future design patents with companies even looking at your idea. Depressing.

Maybe the only advice you could give to someone here is that if you want to make any money, the only sure way is to quickly build and sell as many as possible. The part about really only having 12 months maybe less to make money. I think you're right. No matter what patents you or any company thinks they have someone will make it and sell it.  Being as ready as possible with marketing and production to take advantage of initial vacuum is recommended. This will always be a problem for someone low on funding.

Once the idea is ‘out there’ then it cannot be patented" If someone is here sharing the idea trying to establish that it is theirs first, that may negate a future patent being awarded? That's a shame.

If someone tries to establish enough evidence for these %#*'s to be satisfied, would they ever be satisfied ? Even with a patent that may not be good enough anyway. Would another they take up the task, to make money for themselves of course. Could someone have enough evidence for one %#* to beat another ? Who knows. 

For me and my idea, I don't need a lurking company to save the day. I could never be rich, I'm already happy. I'm a simple man, who needs a simple plan, and I plan to try it out here. With all your experience I hope you'll take one of my lures and test it out. Like I said, my idea is most likely a failure, but I'd like to see someone be able to do it with thiers. So I'm going to try and roll it out that way.

I will try to be as ready as possible with lures ready to sell or trade. But my plan involves makings all the info fully available. A full list of components, where to buy them and build tips with pictures. I want people to be able build these, and it's not that hard. Maybe the only appeal of my personal lures is that your buying one from the guy who invented them, who knows. Any advice anyone could give me, I'll try it. My goal is not to make a lot of money, but have that possiblity for someone else who wants to secure some kind of money making ability to their idea. 

A new recognizable lure design. A lure that a hobbyist here could build but your average person would rather buy.  A design that people here modify, and improve. I would be happy. I don't have a name for my lure. But if the name I choose could stick together with that design for a long time, Wow.

Thanks again. I'm a bit of a vodkaman myself, any brand on ice in a coffee cup will do :)


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Sending me a lure would be very expensive, and I would have to pay more to receive the package. I would say that video showing the details of the lure and the swim action would be enough for an evaluation. I would be happy to take a look, but I am not a fisherman. You need an expert fish catcher for a true evaluation, I can only evaluate the design.

Yes, my post is rather a depressing and negative read, and this is possibly validated by a lack of response from the community.

The key is hard work or money, preferably both. Success is rarely about a single lure design, it is about a brand. The reputation of that brand is generated by that single, magic lure, but you will need more lures to generate that brand.

You are also generating a reputation for that brand, so quality and consistency are extremely important. Reputation, recommendation, endorsement, are magic words. Fishing lures are all about confidence, we all know this fact. On the water, we may experiment with a few new ideas, but it always comes back to the lures that work for us, lures that have caught before.

No one has confidence in your new lure, even if they buy the lure does not mean the lure will get a fair crack at earning a place in the inner circle of an anglers psyche, the 'goto' box.

Essentially, the people that you sell to have to become your unwitting sales force. They have to be seen to catch enough fish to generate inquiries, and the lure must look the business too. The lure has to be good enough to sell its self and the rest of the brand family.

A single lure will generate a few sales, a brand of 6 different lures, if just one of the brand is magic, will generate 10x as many sales.


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Good morning!  I love the idea of introducing a new product.  I don't know jack about patenting or other technicalities.  I'd be happy to be part of the testing process if you see something I've made that you are interested in trading for. 

There's a "poor man's copyright" used in the music industry sometimes where the artist will record tracks on a CD and then mail it to themselves via certified mail.  That way if there is ever a contestation or a claim by someone else that it's theirs the artist has a dated copy that will predate the contestation.  Perhaps if you make a video describing your process and build enough photographic evidence prior to launch you can avoid some of the crud.  If it's an awesome product I'm sure people will make knockoffs, but there's always some extra credibility for the "original."

I'm pretty simple myself when it comes to this stuff, so my ideas might be naïve.  I definitely prefer the handshake method of contract, but that tends to make me a millennial dinosaur.

Dave, I love your ABC's of development.  Simple, straightforward, and practical.  I also like your idea of making a "brand" of lures.  I sometimes refer to that as having a "stable" of designs.

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18 minutes ago, Big Epp said:

I love your ABC's of development.  Simple, straightforward, and practical.  I also like your idea of making a "brand" of lures.  I sometimes refer to that as having a "stable" of designs.

I almost have the 'magic' lure, and have a stable of six originals and standards that can be brought up to production design level in a short time. I need a 3D printer to get to the final prototyping and the next stage of market testing. As for the final stage of production, I will be skipping the gradual build up and going straight to plastic injection having located a local injection operation so that I don't need to go to China.

A manufacturing and production team can be set up quickly, so I can move quickly once the decision is made. BUT, it will take my life savings unless I find an angel investor.

I am not ready to risk my life savings at this time, but will go to final prototype if I can find a printer. I will probably go to visit family in SC for a few months to do the market testing.


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I have ordered more supplies and they are starting to arrive. I am not sure about shipping yet, I expect to pay around 10 per package to ship within North America. I hope to ship out 1 dozen, then post all details and videos like I've said.

Vodkaman if you'd like to just see the video no problem, but I'd like to send you one. And Big Epp I'd like to send you one, maybe JD mudbug, Hillbilly voodoo. Don't worry about sending anything back me, only if you want to. Im just hoping the people who receive comment here about what they think, and hopefully it's a person with a long comment history that people trust. When I'm closer I'll ask for details, a month or two, because I am going to be ready with a few to trade or sell. I'll have enough supplies to make a couple hundred. For the first dozen if you or anyone else would like a free lure sent to them please clearly post that here in this thread.

The lures will be made from 8mm main wire, 5mm supporting wires, and weight in around 5g. The design is for hooks to be removed and added with a wire loop - brass tube lock. I'll be adding a ewg hook and a 40mm plastic paddle tail. The design can be upsized and slightly more downsized. The blades can be painted but I'll be making gold and silver version.

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