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Wedge Lip

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It is a wedge lip. It might be good for the collector, but the bait is really not going to achieve a much deeper dive because of the wedge. The bait is made to only run about 2 to 4 ft. You may gain a 1/4 inch of depth. But I really don't think that you will get that. Everyone thinks that these baits are made with a brass wire harness. From gathering data from the guys on this site, none of the round nose pull bagley plugs have a full harness. The wire is just screwed in. Most custom bait makers do it this way also. The reason is because it is too labor intensive to put a harness in the bait. I know because I do install a harness in mine. If the bait was bought for collecting then maybe it was worth it. If the guy is going to fish the bait then he would have spent his money much better finding a good bait maker on this site and buying 3 of them. Oh, and by they way, it is not the brass wire or a wire harness that makes a bait hunt.


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