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will start making lures again

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Hi,i am in the process of getting some prototypes developed,i will go back to plastic bodies.But need some advice ,i havent used any smooth on products before and was wondering what rtv should i use the Mold Max 40 or the or the Smooth Sil 950.I will use featherlite to make the bodies.Also i used to use bees wax as a release agent when making molds. When casting lure body I spray the inside of the mold with white enamel paint which acts like a skin and release agent as well .What would you suggest as a suitable smooth on product as a release agent for mold making and another for when casting the lure body? Thanks in advance

Dark Star

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Dark Star,

About Smooth-on products...

I use Moldmax 30 with Lybra catalist. (Lybra catalist is for extended library life) Shore hardnesses like 40 and 50 can be difficult to cast if you don't have a degasser. Smooth-sil is a platinum based rtv for use with high temperatures and can be little pricey.

For a release agent I use Manns Ease Release 800. It's the cat's meow for rtv molds. It is wax based as well. Before casting featherlite, lightly mist the mold with Ease release then dust the cavity with talcum powder. Produces great blanks ready to basecoat. Ease release 800 will also release rtv from rtv.

I have tried using white enamel in the molds as a dual basecoat / release agent and the blanks came out with large poc marks. If you find an enamel that will work as a release/ basecoat let me know.

Tight lines,


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